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Michael Rehberg &
Uwe Peters

PTS Logistics GmbH

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PTS Logistics Group

The PTS Logistics Group provides customer-specific logistics and fulfilment services in packing, transport and service. With some 190 employees and numerous locations, the PTS Logistics Group stands for quality, flexibility and innovation, and offers packaging for everything

from tiny components to large-scale plants, consultancy services from the design phase to the construction site, and the full range of performances that make up modern works and storage logistics in combination with efficient road transport.

Our certificates
and memberships

Authorized Economic Operator AEOF

Certified member of the „packing according to the HPE standard” professional group

Regulated Commissioned Agent

Certified for heavy load packagings

Certified Quality and Environmental Management

Anker Transport-
gesellschaft mbH

Anker Transportgesellschaft mbH has been part of the PTS Logistics Group since 2001. Anker Transport has a modern fleet of vehicles for national and international road transport and extensive storage areas at selected locations. Many years of experience in the organisation and control of heavy weight and over measured transports represents an important addition to the expertise of the PTS Logistics Group, with the possibility of providing a wider range of customer-specific services, e.g. works transport and pre-carriage in the fields of service and packing.

The continual improvement of processes
is our constant endeavour.