Packaging consultancy

What kind of packaging is the optimal packaging for your good? This question can only be answered after a detailed analysis. In order to find the optimal packaging for you and your good many aspects have to be considered and assessed – only to mention some of them:

  • Sensitivity of the good to be packed
  • Kind of transportation
  • Climatic changes during transportation
  • Handling capacities at the cargo terminals
  • Equipment of the construction site in the country of destination
  • Storage time and possibilities of storage
  • National and receivers’ regulations

No matter if we measure the goods directly at your site or if you send us a drawing of the goods, we will prepare for you a written and transparent quotation with your packaging concept after consideration of all details. You can benefit from our ISO-certified, IT-supported logistics services and our links to leading associations and research institutions.

The continual improvement of processes is our constant endeavour.
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